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We have recently installed our ColorFast software onto several CDS Chemical Dispense Systems that were originally built and installed by Kinder International Systems. Kinder are no longer in business, but their customers of can now get support from ourselves and from Ozark Systems who this work was done with.

Compared to the Kinder software, ours is easier to use, faster in dispensing whilst maintaining dispense accuracy, and provides more management and tracking functions.

The work was done in conjunction with Ozark Systems who installed touch-screen panel PCs at the dispensers and next to stenters where operators can request particular mixes, and replaced the obsolete and unsupportable Kinder electronics.

Here’s an example operator panel connected to a Kinder CDS:

Kinder Dispenser Panel

If you are interested in such an upgrade, please click here, or contact us or Ozark Systems for more information.