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We have recently installed our ColorFast software onto a dye dispense system built by Bespoke Textile Services. The existing software was unreliable, requiring frequent reboots, and was not providing the customer with the reporting information that they need.

Compared to the original software, ours is easier to use, faster in dispensing whilst maintaining dispense accuracy, and provides more management and tracking functions.

The work was done in conjunction with Ozark Systems who installed a new dispenser PC with touch-screen display, and 2 operator touch-screen panel PCs located near each of 2 continuous dyeing ranges. Here is the mimic screen at the dispenser:

Display on Bespoke Dispenser Touch-Panel

The dispenser feeds a number of pre-mix tanks in advance, and the range operator can choose which tank or tanks to feed from using his touch-screen panel:

Operator Panel

One of the advances made on this system was to centre the processing of a job through the system around a dynamic flowchart that the software controls and updates in real time. This provides a handy quick reference to the user who can instantly see what the status of each job is, what actions have been made and by whom.

If you are interested in such an upgrade, please click here, or contact us or Ozark Systems for more information.