We can upgrade any of these Fluid Management dispensers:

  • FM1050 (static head, moving valve)
  • FM1405 (moving head, static valve)
  • FV1010 (static head, moving valve and scale)

This system below comprised a pair of Fluid Management FM1050 dispensers for use with solvent-based inks.

FM1050 Dispensers

Both dispensers were linked to a colour matching system for recipe transfer.  Before the upgrade, each dispenser required 2 computers to control it; our upgrade replaced these computers (4 in total) with a single computer for each dispenser (2 in total).

Dispense speed is much improved.  A typical 10kg batch now takes around 2 minutes which is less than half the time of the previous software.  The previous system also had various delays (e.g. 2 minutes between unloading a tub and the system being ready for operation again) and these delays are now gone.

All recipes from the previous system were transferred, so the system was available immediately after the upgrade.