Starting in 2009, we have installed our ColorFast software onto several CDS Chemical Dispense Systems at a number of textile companies. These systems were originally built and installed by Kinder International Systems, who went out of business in 2007.

To provide ongoing support to their customers, we developed a solution in partnership with Ozark Systems who specialise in dispensers for textile applications. The result is our ColorFast dispensing software, installed on touch-screen panel PCs which provide all of the dispensing functions of the old Kinder software, but with greater ease of use plus integration into the factory network.

Operator Panel for Kinder CDS

ColorFast also runs on any number of networked PCs, providing both live status information on the dispensers and a variety of reporting functions. Compared to the Kinder software, ours is easier to use, faster in dispensing whilst maintaining dispense accuracy, and provides more management and tracking functions.
Status Screen

The work was done in conjunction with Ozark Systems who installed touch-screen panel PCs at the dispensers and next to stenters where operators can request particular mixes, and replaced the obsolete and unsupportable Kinder electronics.

If you are interested in such an upgrade, please contact us or Ozark Systems for more information.