“TopMix” Explosion Proof Check Weigh System

Caltek Services is proud to now offer an Explosion-Proof Check Weigh system for dispensing solvent-based inks and other volatile liquids. This system offers the most cost-effective solution for low-throughput hazardous area applications.

The system comprises an integrated unit combining an intrinsically safe (and full size) display, keyboard and pointing device, plus a scale, all connected to a standard PC and printer located in the safe area. There are various scale options available, including a floor-standing 35kg x 0.5g model and a 7.5kg x 0.1g desktop model.

The full ColorFast software is included to provide a complete system for the manual weighing of solvent-based inks and other volatile liquids. ColorFast includes stock control, job costing and many other management functions, plus it links to various colour-matching systems so you can quickly make up newly matched formulations.

Our Standard System consists of …

  • Compact PC with 2.8GHz Pentium 4 CPU, 256MB RAM, 40GB HD, Windows XP, CD-ROM drive, Network port.
  • Intrinsically safe 800×600 pixel color LCD, integrated into a wash-down unit with IS keyboard and pointing device.
  • Intrinsically safe weighing scale, 7.5kg x 0.1g or 35kg x 0.5g resolution, wash-down stainless steel platform. (Wide range of other options available)
  • Full ColorFast software installed and configured.
  • Laser printer.
  • Modem and remote dial-in software
  • Installation and training.
  • Software manual. Installation guide. PC and scale manuals.
  • ColorFast CD, System CDs. Diskettes for data backup.

To this system can you add any of the following options:

Label printer (prints on 4” x 2” adhesive labels; larger printers also available).

Barcode scanner for adding returns.

Internal Zip drive for backup.

Second PC (networked) for data entry, reporting etc.

Please contact us if you have any special requirements not listed here.

The standard scale is a floor-standing model with 35kg capacity and 0.5g resolution. We can also offer a 7.5kg desktop scale with 0.1g resolution. Further scale capacities and resolutions available—please contact us with your requirements.

The scale and integrated monitor/keyboard unit are located in the hazardous area. The materials are all resistant to common solvents and can be cleaned with solvent. The PC and printer are located in a safe area (e.g. an office) adjacent to the ink mixing area, connected first to an isolation unit and then via a 20m cable carrying the signals and power to the scale and monitor/keyboard.

We can also supply a second PC for use in the safe area for data entry, printing reports etc.

This system is also available in a non intrinsically safe version for use with water-based inks, powders and other non-volatile materials. This version is very similar, but has a colour display instead of mono.

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